Selling My Car on A Budget

Whatever country you herald from you will almost certainly have been effected by the current economic crisis and many, will have thought like I did that however that one option to reduce costs and get access to some liquid capital would be to sell my car in favor of a less expensive model, both in terms of running costs and the initial outlay. Doing so used to be an expensive process(or even better to sell my car for free) but these days I can easily sell my car with little or no outlay. With these financial constraints in mind it is also important that I am able to sell my car as inexpensively as possible.

It is not necessarily for financial reasons that I may choose to sell my car, and the reasons behind it can be wide-ranging. I may be wanting to sell my car simply because I have tired of it or perhaps I may be wanting to sell my car because I have had problems with it or it doesn’t match my current needs. Particularly in this day and age, I can sell my car instantly regardless of what condition the car is in, but this is often for a less attractive amount and generally only if I was to sell my car to a used car dealer. This can be a cost-effective and time efficient way to sell my car however, because it doesn’t involve any advertising to sell my car or dealing with any potential buyers – all that’s required is to take it down to the dealer and get a price. It also means that rather than just sell my car over the course of days and potentially weeks, I can have the cash there and then.

In order to sell my car in this manner, I would start by contacting the car dealer via phone or email and provide them with the basic details regarding the car I am wanting to sell. They will then be able to give an initial quote and if I decide that I do wish to sell my car to then I would then take it down to the garage where they will check that it is currently in a good a condition and that there aren’t any problems. After assessing the vehicle, the dealer will then offer a firmer quote which I can either accept or leave.

Unlike with private buyers, if I was to sell my car to a dealer it is likely that there wouldn’t be much space to haggle over the quote, it will often be a take it or leave it situation. On a more positive note if I decided that I did want to sell my car to them, they will take care of all aspects of the sale including any transport requirements and all the paperwork involved. With the internet now making it easy and inexpensive to advertise to sell my car online there are many options to do so on a budget, but there is no easier or quicker way to sell my car then to do so through a dealer as described above.

Advertising My Car For Sale

In years gone by attempting to sell my car could be a difficult and often long process, with the advertising mediums both limited and often expensive. Luckily these days there are a whole host of ways in which I can sell my car and in most cases, I have the internet to thank for making my life easier when it comes to selling my car. The first way in which they have done that is by bring the “we buy any car” style businesses to our front door, making it easy to sell my car instantly. However, for most car sellers it is the various free (or at least very cheap) advertising sites that make the process so much easier but more importantly, cost effective. The days of paid adverts in a local newspaper are gone, now I am able to sell my car for free with an advertisement to the whole country.

A popular site that I, and many others, have used to sell my car online is the world famous auction site eBay. With dealers and private buyers throughout the country (and even further afield) browsing and buying cars of all quality from brand new ferrari’s to astra’s without engines, it’s makes for a great place to sell my car. Other auctions are also good options to sell my car on and there are even dedicated car auction sites, but none are as popular as eBay. Of course it’s not just online auction sites that I can use to sell my car, bricks and mortar auction houses often have vehicle auctions as well. This may not attract anywhere near the same amount of views but it will give me the opportunity to sell my car quickly and effortlessly, with no after-sale hassle.

Online classifieds a traditional way to sell my car, with many of the major ones have hundreds of thousands of visitors on both a local and national basis. Sites such as Gumtree, Craigslist, oodle and all offer me a great platform through which I can sell my car, uploading pictures and details about the car and potentially interested buyers can then get in touch for more information or to arrange a viewing. A similar way to sell my car would be to use the well known car advertising websites such as Autotrader although depending on your requirements these can often come with fees (although considering how much I would probably be hoping to sell my car for, the £10-15 fees aren’t a great deal – as long as it actually does sell my car).

The best piece of advice from my experience is that when I sell my car online, making the most of every available free site will lead to maximum exposure but minimum cost. The expensive advertising options are not always the most effective.

Getting My Car Ready To Sell

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who for whatever reason are unable to keep their cars clean and I have to admit, I am one of these people. Whether it’s the kids leaving their mcdonalds wrappers on the floor or the wife getting her makeup on the seats, it seems virtually impossible to keep the car clean for longer than a day. But when it comes time to sell my car, it’s essential that it is in the best condition it can be, cleaned from aerial to tyres (the vehicular equivalent of head to toe). The importance of cleaning before I sell my car should not be underestimated, whilst it may not add value to it, failure to do so will make it very difficult to sell. If I am going to sell my car, and sell my car at the price I want in a reasonably quick manner, in such a difficult economic climate the vehicle needs to have “curb appeal.” Unless I became particularly talented when it comes to cleaning cars, it’s typically a good idea to have the car professionally cleaned and valeted before I sell my car. For the sake of as little as £15 the car would be cleaned throughout and will be looking as close to new as possible.

Once I have the car looking spotless and having had the it serviced ready for me to sell my car, it’s time to get all the documents ready for me to sell my car. Having all the documents ready before I sell my car will ensure that the whole process will be much smoother, as I am the first to admit that on occasion I may have lost the odd important form or even on one occasion lost the actual manual for the car. These problems are not the end of the world but by being aware of them prior to advertising to sell my car, I can buy new copies so that everything is ready for me to sell my car.

An important thing that I always remember when I sell my car or anything for that matter is the well known fact that the number 1 motivator for anyone buying anything is how it looks. Whether it’s a computer, a house, a fridge, a toaster or in this case, trying to sell my car, the way something looks accounts for about 80% of the reasons people want to buy something. Realistically this is pretty silly as there are so many important things to think about with a car, such as the amount of petrol it will use (i.e. the running costs) or the size of the engine, but when I sell my car I always try to think of it from the buyers perspective and they are thinking about how it looks.

How Much Can I Sell My Car For?

Whenever I sell my car one of the first things to determine is the actual value of the vehicle and how much I want to advertise it for. This is an integral part of the process because, like buying a house, even if the car is perfect, it’ll only attract potential buyers if it is valued appropriately. There are many things to take into account when deciding to sell my car and trying to assess the value of it, from the age and make of the car to the amount of miles it has done and even the amount of owners it has had. The latter may not seem like it should effect the value but in reality it is an important factor, with the fewer owners meaning I would be able to sell my car for more than if I was trying to sell my car which may have had half a dozen owners.

Luckily figuring out of the value before I sell my car has been made a whole lot easier by the various “sell my car” websites that are online these days, from the likes of to the independent websites that allow me to input the basic details before I sell my car, and they will then automatically generate a valuation of the car. These are usually pretty accurate so when I sell my car they’re usually a pretty good starting point, but they don’t take into account any potential issues with the car such as scratches, engine issues etc so before I actually start to actively sell my car I will always assess the car myself and lower the value depending on any scratches, dents etc.

Depending on how I often I would be buying a new car or needing sell my car, there are other options to assess how much I can actually sell my car for. One of these options is the same way that many dealers use to value the cars that they sell, by using a guide called the Black Book, or one of two similar books – the NADA guide and the Kelley Blue Book. These will list valuations of virtually all the cars in the world dating back many years but will again only give me the base price at which to sell my car and will not take into account any dents, damage or scratches, nor will it take into account the number of owners that the car has – so there is still work to be done before I sell my car. The three books will likely have different prices (although probably not by much) which will allow me to work out an average price that would be appropriate to sell my car for, after taking these damages into account.

The Benefits of We Buy Any Car Companies

A couple of years ago We Buy Any Car companies lead by the website of the same name burst onto the scene and in a time of severe financial difficulties for the vast majority of the country, made a lot of money from customers willing to use we buy any car companies in order to gain quick access to liquid capital (or more simply put, cash!). There’s no doubt that these we buy any car companies made money from what in a sense was the UK’s desperation in such hard times, but at the same time the we buy any car companies gave a lot of people a helping in hand in being able to access this money where they normally would have been able to do so. Yes the car may be worth more than the we buy any car companies paid them but that’s not to say that if they were to sell the car to a private individual rather than a we buy any car company that they would have been able to get more for it – particularly if they were desperate to sell quickly.


So with this in mind, the one main benefit to the we buy any car companies is that the no matter which we buy any car website or dealer you choose, you will be able to get quick access to cash for your vehicle. This is particularly appealing because unless you reduced the price of your car significantly (probably to less than the we buy any car companies would pay for it), you would normally have to wait a week at the least in order to sell your car privately. None of that with the we buy any car companies, in most cases you can arrange for it to be done the same day and have the cash in your bank (and perhaps even your hands) within just a couple of hours.


The other benefit is that, as the name we buy any car suggests, they will buy ANY car! In virtually all cases this will mean that however old or out-of-date your car may be, they will take it off your hands – something that can’t be said for private buyers. Even at significantly reduced cases if you have a particularly poor car then you may struggle to find someone willing to take it off your hands. The we buy any car companies won’t have a problem doing just that and in many cases the we buy any car companies will even take the car of your hands if it’s damaged or has mechanical issues – although the we buy any car firms will usually decrease your quote accordingly.


And that brings me to my final point about the benefit of we buy any car companies, the quotes. Not the actual figures, these are reasonable at best, but the fact that most we buy any car companies will be able to give you an instant quote – either online or over the phone. Online you can submit a few key details about your car to the we buy any car websites and within just a few seconds will automatically generate a quote which in most circumstances the we buy any car company will then stick to. No dealing with dealers trying to haggle you down, just a quick quote and an offer to take it further should you wish.

3 Steps to Selling My Car

When the time comes to sell my car, it’s hard to know where to start. However, to sell my car really I can follow three pretty simple steps that anyone else could do if they wished, whether they have experience of selling a car or not. To sell my car it starts with deciding the value of the vehicle, followed by making sure the car is actually prepared for the sale and then when everything is ready, advertising through the various platforms in order to sell my car to as many possible buyers as I can. Take those steps and you will discover just how easy selling your car can be.

The first step I think about when I look to sell my car, is the value of the car itself. Obviously it would be impossible for me to sell my car unless I decided on a price for it but it’s also important to remember that I wouldn’t be able to sell my car if I didn’t choose a realistic price. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to sell my car for less than it’s worth and end up losing money. So how do I figure out how much it’s worth? Several websites such as and allow me to check the value before I sell my car. I will then assess other things like any scratches, bumps, marks on either the exterior or interior of the vehicle and, once everything is taken into account, I will start to advertise to sell my car.

The next step is to actually prepare to sell my car. This means cleaning the car inside and out so that it sparkles like new, it’s an important and allows me to sell my car at it’s best and therefore get the best price when I sell my car. When I sell my car I make sure it’s looking smart and polished which makes the potential buyers think that the car has been well looked after, in addition to just generally looking better to the buyer.   Before I begin to sell my car I also get together all the paperwork relating to the car such as the title, maintenance records, recent MOT’s, etc. This will mean that when I sell my car I don’t have any last minute concerns that may delay the sale and will also mean I am able to quickly answer any questions when I sell my car, relating to the vehicle and it’s history.

The final step to sell my car is to begin to advertise the car and list it on websites that allow me to sell my car  sometimes for a small fee, sometimes free of charge. When I sell my car I always try to advertise it in places that I know appropriate people will see it, often in areas directly related to the actual type of car. Social networks have also made it easier to sell my car because it allows you to post it on relevant groups. For example if I was trying to sell my car on Facebook and it was a Mazda, I would go on groups related to Mazda’s and just post a quick comment saying “Mazda XR for sale, 60k miles, £4k O.N.O”.

Common Mistakes When Selling a Car Online

Being able to sell my car online quickly and cheaply is one of the best things about the internet but if it isn’t done properly then the benefits associated with being able to sell my car online will quickly disappear. Luckily I have put together this article designed to inform you of the various pitfalls I have experienced when I have tried to sell my car online.


One of the biggest mistakes I (and you) can make when I sell my car online, is to put it in the wrong category. It’s such a small mistake and one that can be easy to do, but it can have a huge impact on my ability to sell my car online. With most of the major sites that I would use to sell my car online having thousands of vehicles advertised at any one time if you don’t put it in the right categories the chances are the appropriate people will not see it. If I was to sell my car online on a smaller site then visitors may just browse the “cars for sale” and come across it, but with the majority of the larger sites they will just search for cars in the categories that meet their requirements. This means that even when people do come across my advert to sell my car online, it will likely not be suitable anyway!


Another thing to think about when I sell my car online is something that a lot of businesses also focus on when advertising on search engines and that’s using the right keywords. Keywords are key in order to successfully sell my car and for those that don’t know are the key words that you use in your description that people would likely search for. An example of a mistake with these words when I sell my car online would be if I was to put in the advert ’96 jag available early XK model, brill cond’ rather than saying “1996 Jaguar early XKR model, great conditions”. It may seem a tiny difference but by using words that you may usually refer to the car as, you may be missing out on potential customers. When I sell my car online, I always try to think of the words people would search if they were looking for a vehicle like mine that would lead them to come to my advert to sell my car online.


When I sell my car online I also need to remember to put it in the right location, particularly if you are based in an extreme area such as one of the Channel Islands or Northern Scotland. The internet has allowed me not only to sell my car online but to sell my car online to people that may be much further away from me, but it may also put some buyers off so it’s important to be clear with this when I sell my car online so I know that any interested parties are happy to travel to view/buy the car.

Steps to Selling your Car

Many may think that selling a car is a hard thing to do, buy more often than not; it becomes quite a simple thing to do, especially if you would try out the following simple steps as i did when i had to sell my car early this year. The essence thereof is to give the customer quality for the cash that he has given to you. The following steps may help one to sell your vehicle in a convenient way, without making the kinds of mistakes that many people have made in the past.

Make sure you go through the classifieds and other advertisements in order to understand what the other prices for vehicles similar to yours are. One of the best places to do so is via the internet. It creates a simple and cheaper way to compare prices and find out more information concerning similar agendas. Sites like the sites for used cars may give a general feel of the pricing you should set for the car you are selling.

Pricing according to the research you have done in now necessary. One should make sure that he prices just a bit higher than what he expects from the potential customer. This is a strategy that will make it possible to give one room for bargain.

Step 3:
Make sure your second hand car is appealing to the eye. Make sure that the customer is pleased with what he sees as compared to the price he is about to part with. Get the windows done. Make sure the car is sparkling clean and make sure that tires are redone. It is essential that the vehicle is appealing to the buyer.

Step 4:
Get the best spot at your disposal to do your advertisement for your second hand car. It is necessary to make the spot as strategic as possible in order to attract a greater number of customers. The internet provides a possible area to s\display second hand cars. It is visited by a bigger number of potential customers.

Step 5:
Create advertisements that can easily appeal while you want to sell a car. As much as the product is good looking, its advertising must also be appealing to the eye. There are a couple of seller ideas that pick up a lot of attraction. Using the terms “Must sell!!” will give the customer an idea that the seller is desperately in need of a quick deal for his vehicle.

Step 6:
Make sure that whenever you display your car, also display yourself. The car always resembles the personality of his owners therefore whenever customers get in touch with you, they will always be careful to examine the kind of person you are. Make sure that you are at your best.

Step 7:
Make the sale in a friendly way. Do not ever be rude to your customer. Strike a deal that is clean and also satisfying to you.

In a simple but elusive way the deal for your second hand car can be wonderful. One does not have to as  go to a broker to have him strike the deals for you, while you pay him for his services. You can simply do it yourself. I share these tips as i sell my car earlier this year successfully and saved lots of money in the process

Selling cars through auctioneers

Auctions are generally buying or selling of services and products through bids. The aim is to sell to the highest bidder. There are rules for bidding detailed in the auction form that is minimum bid price, the maximum bid price, time limit for placing bids and rules to determine winning bidders. You can be physically present at the auctions or participate through phones or the internet whichever suites you best.

The choices of auctions vary, we have specialised auctions and others are general auctions. So as to maximize sale price and get the best buyers you need to enter your car in the right auction. A few of the things you will need are

  • Consignment fee
  • Blue book
  • The car you are selling
  • Computer
  • Camera

Steps that i used when i had to sell my car in the car auctions were as follows:

Ensure that you can legally sell your car. You will need a title in your name or have a legal dealer’s license.

Be aware of the value of your car. Keep in mind the age, wear and where applicable its rarity. Values of cars are usually established by the auto o industry through the blue book. If you have a classic research and see what others have achieved in a sale.

For the classics it is good to for auctions that specialize with this. You will need to fill forms, pay the consignment fee and give pictures of your car. As you quote the sell price ensure that you include the percentage of the auctioneers.

Public auctions

This is a good way to sell your damaged car. Many of the dealers may not want to buy but some junk yard buyers may find value for your car. In this case you need to be ready to accept a low price.

Internet auction

This is not a complicated way and it is very advantageous in that there are lots of ways you can use to increase sales.

Offer a full honest description of your car and include pictures of both the inside and outside of the car. In one of the pictures have the odometer. Set a reasonable reserve price for the car and make a point to include the auctioneers’ fee. It is also good to give info on how the buyer can collect the car once the sale is finalized.

The government also holds auctions for cars from as little as $500. Most of the cars are from government departments, police impounds drug nets etc. Every month the government holds auctions and signing up to their sites gives you access to this information. At times they just advertise within state so as to give the locals an opportunity to benefit from them not just outsiders.

Sale of Repossessed Cars

Sale of repossessed cars are done through auctions and here you are able to find cars that are almost as good as new. Economic crisis have led people who wish to purchase cars to want to buy these repossessed cars. Using car auctions the car buyers can make a saving on these cars usually over 70% of its actual cost. This is because the cars usually have a very low final price when compared to cars being sold by general sellers. Others buy these cars for the spare parts that fetch them a good load of cash. I personally had to sell my car for parts as no one would buy it due to the state it was in.

These repossessed cars are usually by the government bank or creditors. Government seized cars are due to lack of payment of taxes, court orders to seize the cars, illegally imported cars that do not have the right papers. Seizure by banks results from debtors failing to make payments due to unexpected dismissal in the work place, poor health, change in financial circumstances and many others. The banks and creditors need to recover their money and that is why they repossess and sell these cars.

The cars are of high quality like the jaguars, Mercedes, BMW and many others. Conduct a research on them through the classified ads. Analyze the cheapest, history of service and try to get an opinion of its value. Having known the cheapest you can budget and if not sure the blue book values are their to guide you.

At public auctions of these repossessed cars we find a lot of dealers wanting to buy the cars for resale. To avoid any competition with them buy these cars on online auction if you can. Always check out the car first before you place a bid. Where possible go with a qualified mechanic to assist you in making the right choice.

Once you are sure of the condition of the car, you can set your highest price. Never get too excited in the auctions where you become involved in a bidding competition. At that rate you will end up paying more for the car. It a good thing to keep in mind that once you place a bid be prepared to come out a winner.

As these repossessed cars come from all sources, it is good for you to be cautious not to buy a stolen vehicle. These can be avoided by

  • Choosing a reputable auction house
  • Checking documentation of the car registration papers, tax receipts, Vs log book which is very essential
  • Vehicle Registration Number (VIN) is usually unique and you can use it to verify and understand the history of the car.
  • Check the registration against the VIN to ensure they match
  • If there contacts of the owner you can contact them to verify ownership

It is always good to be cautious and spend wisely when buying these repossessed cars as tomorrow you may want to sell them for a better model and make some profit out of it.